Water Well Construction


When it comes to the construction of water wells, our specialty includes well drilling.

We use modern drilling techniques with direct or reverse circulation of fluids, ensuring precision and efficiency. Our experience ensures that every object is built to the highest standards. In addition to construction, we also provide hydro-mechanical equipment services – offering top-quality equipment for all your needs. Our team oversees every step of the well construction process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

In collaboration with the renowned company “BHG Brechtel” and PST BOHR, we have specialized in well rehabilitation using horizontal drains to inject new ones into existing wells. Based on detailed preparatory work, the best injection method is selected to ensure the optimal choice of filter pipes for obtaining the optimal quantities of groundwater from the aquifers. By injecting new drains, wells in the Novi Sad and Belgrade water sources have been rehabilitated, resulting in additional water supplies for these cities and surrounding areas.